Special Services

We have established Strategic Alliances with a group of companies highly recognized in their respective fields, and this allows us to widen the portfolio of solutions we bring to every problem in every one of the projects we participate in with a client

Integrated Comprehensive Static and Dynamic Reservoir Models

Decades of EGEP experience in the areas of reservoir engineering, production, geology-geophysics and numerical simulation joins with the available talent, experience and leadership of Inelectra to provide technical solutions, of high value in the energy sector

We do this using interdisciplinary teams, which cover all aspects related to this type of studies: starting with reservoir characterization and modeling, and leading to the complete design of the required surface facilities and finally to the integral project evaluation phase

Design, Construction and Operation of Surface Facilities for Hydrocarbon Operations

The production facilities include all processes, equipment and materials required for gathering, separating and treating all produced and injected fluids. Our long standing alliance with Inelectra (a world class contractor company in the hydrocarbon industry with ample experience in the engineering and construction fields) gives us the depth and capabilities to provide highly advanced technical solutions, completing projects in different disciplines such as design engineering, construction, automatic operation and controls, process engineering, and quality assurance in hydrocarbon producing projects

Certification of Resources and Reserves

As a critical part of our corporate philosophy, we offer in our projects a reliable evaluation of resources and reserves for the subsurface accumulations supporting the production plans in the corresponding area of the project. This is done with the available data and the probability profile of each project.

Our Strategic Alliance with Petrotech Engineering Ltd. adds to our professional depth, offering our clients that are listed in the different stock exchanges or that handle public funds, the possibility to certify the hydrocarbon resources and reserves through an independent entity, according to the Canadian, USA and British established rules and regulations

Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation 2D / 3D

We provide support to clients through consulting and execution of seismic characterization and interpretation, in a wide range of specialized techniques, leading to a better understanding of their reservoirs

Our Strategic Alliance with Signature Seismic opens a broad scope of possibilities to offer our clients specific special processing techniques, for a sophisticated approach to reservoir characterization

We do quality control on seismic data, well data and the correlation of seismic and well data, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, seismic attributes preparation and analysis, fractures, seismic inversion techniques, AVO and its quantitative analysis, velocities analysis, and others. These are some of the techniques that we can offer the client to support the seismic characterization of their reservoir or field, thereby helping to reduce the risks in the exploration and production phases of the different projects

Specialized Technical Personnel

We offer our clients the service of supporting in-house project staffing. We do this by providing exploration and production specialists from our own staff and also provided through our Strategic Alliance with SGF Global

Our Strategic Alliance with SGF Global rests on this firm because it has a long history of over 30 years as a provider of personnel solutions. This allows us to bring into our own projects or those of our clients, highly qualified international specialists, backed by a firm with high quality and ethical standards, right in line with our own standards and those of our world class clients

Engineering and Management Drilling and Well Workover Projects

We provide this service to manage comprehensive drilling and well workover projects, using the guidelines and procedures established by the Project Management Institute (PMI) especially adapted to suit well drilling, completion and repair programs including multiple wells

  • Drilling and Well Workover Programs: to execute these projects in an optimum manner, we undertake a review, analysis and implement the different technologies oriented to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the different drilling and workover campaigns. By reviewing, in depth, the entire drilling and workover histories in the area of interest, we conclude on the practices used and the need to adjust them to optimize times and costs 
  • Contracting Strategy:  after considering the specific conditions in the drilling and workover project to be undertaken, an optimized contracting strategy is defined and planned. Then, a careful screening of available resources and providers is completed, a risk mitigation program is prepared, and if approved, the project execution is finally supervised on the client’s behalf.

As part of the service, the entire project is reviewed with an integrated approach, managing the services, considering direct administration or turnkey options, and others

Business Development in Latin America

We are positioned to develop for our clients business opportunities in Latin America, supporting them in the pre-sale process and formalization of each such opportunity

Among our “differentiating factors” we indicate the following:

  • We have a significant contact-network already in place in different countries of the region
  • We undertake a very careful selection of the key local personnel critical to develop and mature the opportunities – Business Development Managers (BDM)
  • We transfer to our clients our own learning curve, developed over the years