Unconventional solutions for your reservoir problems

We are Exploitation Engineering Specialists, designing and implementing Production Plans for complex hydrocarbon reservoirs, solving the specific problems for each accumulation. Our objective is to increase the recovery factor under the current production strategy, as well as to increase the recovery of the remaining volumes not producible with a conventional exploitation strategy

Analysis, design and implementation of optimized practical solutions

We do it after an in-depth review of the reservoirs supporting the production plan, covering their rock, fluids, location and production conditions

We solve reservoir problems

We develop and evaluate production and fluid handling strategies for complex reservoirs, to make economically viable the production from areas or objectives containing reserves non-producible under the current production schemes

We improve production

We solve production problems specific to individual reservoirs, improving the expected recovery, making viable the access to remaining volumes that would not be produced by traditional methods and strategies

We provide fully integrated technical services to all interested clients who require a non-traditional approach to operate the full range of options, from newly developed fields to fully mature operations in their latter stages of production. Our clients include oil and gas producing companies, financial institutions and service companies

Our strength resides in the capacity to break with longstanding paradigms and integrate different technical disciplines, as well as in our solid past experience in project’s development that lead to concrete results. Our team of associated International Consultants adds up decades of experience in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Further, it specializes in solving problems and developing strategies which are tailored to match the needs of our clients. This approach leads to the improved production of the reservoirs under non-conventional conditions, especially when their features are complex 

More than 1000 successful projects since 1972

Since the company started its operations in Venezuela in 1972, founded by Dr. Martin  Essenfeld, EGEP has successfully completed over 1000 projects for the hydrocarbon industry worldwide. The company has always strived to deliver to our clients a better understanding of their reservoirs, developing innovative solutions to optimize new drainage areas and always seeking to improve recovery, maximizing the success and net present value for the projects it participates in, producing more reserves and lowering operating costs.  Our experience speaks for itself, reflecting the value we have created for our clients, and our historic record is open for review to any interested party

Special Services

Strategic Alliances established with companies highly recognized in their respective fields, allow us to widen our portfolio of solutions: