Petro-Seismic Data Estimate Reservoir Heterogeneity

The model directly relates rock attributes (heterogeneity, porosity, and permeability) to seismic velocity to populate a simulator grid. This correlation, combined with correlations between DVP and Vp with porosity, also estimates porosity and permeability for areas outside core and log data.

Seismic provides reservoir data without gaps over long distances, and the DPV-Vp correlation addresses a newly discovered oil or gas field with petrophysics available only from a discovery well which covers a narrow areal region relative to the extent of the prospect. The model converts seismic data into meaningful petrophysical information initially around the first appraisal well, followed by upgrades over the entire grid as new well information becomes progressively available.

“The Future of Venezuela’s Oil Industry”

Rafael Sandrea and Martin Essenfeld Originally posted on The Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc. (EPRINC) on september 16th, 2021. Link here. Throughout much of the developed world, there is a consensus that concern over climate change is leading to a rapid downturn in petroleum use and that petroleum will likely have a rapidly declining role in the world’s energy mix … Read more

Indicador Integrado de Interés: Tool to Assign Value to Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Areas

Martín Essenfeld, EGEP Consultores & Omar Medina, PetroNova, Colombia The analysis and decision making applied to oil field assets evaluations is always strongly related to the risk associated with the uncertainties present in the process. A complete analysis generally depends on geological, economic factors and technological uncertainties that have different degrees of impact on the recovery process and can affect … Read more